Gardening is a widespread hobby nowadays. You can plant several plants in your backyard or the front. There are many options for that like vegetables, fruits, flowers, etcetera. But most of them are seasonal. You cannot harvest all types of plants throughout the year. Due to some environmental conditions, those plants cannot grow. But there are some plants which can survive in every season. Hence the question is, what plants can you grow in every season?

Let us show you the variety of plants that you will be able to harvest. Notice every detail so that there would be no confusion.

Plants in Every Season

Before you start to plant, you have to make a plan about which ones to plant. That is because you should not mix all the kinds. Another important thing is which region you are living in. Plants cannot grow in all environments. Therefore, you have to choose the plants based on their environmental adaptation.

Types of Plants

What Plants Can You Grow In Every Season?

Mainly, there are two types of plants that you can plant in your garden throughout the year. They are annuals and perennials.


These types of plants complete their entire life in one year. Suppose you want to plant some flowers or vegetables as a temporary hobby. Then annuals plants will be a better choice. Another advantage is that you can change the type of plants every year if they are adjustable to the environment. But there are some problems with it. Suppose you want large-scale agriculture operations. Then annuals plants will become a problem for you. It is because you have to start the whole process of harvest after ending the first period of the plants.


Perennials plants can live for several years. Even after they die or dried out, the roots remain in the soil. The remaining roots can produce new crops the following year. But they grow slowly compared to annual plants. Typically, these plants started to flower in their second year. If you want to grow some large-scale productions every season, a perennial plant would be a better choice for you.


These are considered unusual plants which can be planted every season. It is because of their excess lifetime, which is more than two years. Another advantage is that their survival power is more significant than others when it comes to harsh conditions.

Some Vegetables for Every Season

When you some vegetables from the market, most of them are annuals. The vegetables are grown from seeds each year.


Potato is a very common vegetable in our daily life. You can grow these in your backyard with minimum effort compared to other vegetables. They will be matured after a few months when you sow the plants.


These are other common vegetables. Primarily, they are used in regular meals. Onions are annual plants.


The tomato is a perennial plant. So, it can supply tomatoes throughout its whole lifetime. But these plants cannot grow in frigid winter regions.


They belong to the same family as tomatoes. There are many varieties of peppers out there. Some of them are also seasonal.


Mainly, they are treated as annual plants. But the eggplants can last like perennials and provide vegetables till they survive.


It is a heat-loving plant. When the plant is left out for too long, they become woody and fibrous.

Chayote Squash

It is known by many names for its great squashes. The plants are dried after giving the vegetables and grow back after they receive heat.


Garlic is another common vegetable for households and restaurants. It brings impressive taste to your food. Ginger is in the same family and has the same role as a vegetable.


Carrots are used in various ways because of their availability.

Some Fruits for Every Season

What Plants Can You Grow In Every Season?

Here are lists of some fruits that you can grow whenever you want.


When it comes to the daily need for fruits, apples come first. You can plant it wherever you want, but it varies region-wise.


They are used in various ways like salads, juice, etcetera.


Peas are of different kinds, but most of them can be grown in every season.


The coconut plant is called the “tree of life.” You can get this fruit any time of the year. Planting the coconuts is also very simple.


Banana is a universal fruit. You can plant them even in your garden but in the corners.


Papayas can be used as fruit and vegetable at a time. Again, they are adjustable at the corners of your garden.


These are full of vitamins. But the growth rate is pretty low.

Some Flowers for Every Season


When you want your garden to look full of beauty, you should be planting flowers. Let us show you some of them that will be your suitable choice.


Roses are of different colors which will look beautiful in your garden. It is very common to plant roses in the front yard.


It is an evergreen plant that is used as ornamental in some gardens.


It is effortless to plant these plants. They are pretty famous for bouquets and garnishes.

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

This is another brightly colored flower with very wide petals. Mainly, they are fit for corner sides.

Night Blooming Jasmine

They bloom at night and release a lovely scent. It is also known for its tropical evergreen nature.


Jasmine is cultivated widely because of its fragrance characteristics. One or two plants in your yard will be enough to spread the smell all over the garden and home.

Gardenia Jasminoides

These are also evergreen plants, but the flowers have a light fragrance.


Mainly, these perennial plants are known for their fragrance which is used in perfumery.

Some Other Plants

In our suggestions, there are some other plants you can grow. Money plants, Coin plants, garden croton, can be planted in any season. They are famous for their aesthetic and beautiful looks. You will need minimum efforts to grow and maintain these types of plants.

Some Final Tips

When you start to plant these kinds of plants, you have to remember some facts.

  • Soil structure
  • Nutrients
  • Water source
  • Variety
  • Propagation

These factors are crucial to notice. That is because plants are susceptible to growth. All the plants cannot grow in the same soil or under the same sunlight. Propagation is the most significant fact if you are thinking about plant growth. Variety is dependent on soil structure. Some plants grow in sandy soil and some in loamy soil. Therefore, you should choose after examining the soil type.

Bottom Line

Now we have come to the end of this article. We hope you get the answer of – what plants can you grow in every season. If you want to grow the plants, you have to take care of them very sincerely. Another suggestion for you is to prepare a good plant before starting such tasks. Look after plants and yourself—best of luck to you.

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