All of you who love gardening can very well understand that gardening is not about watering and feeding your plants with nutrients daily. Gardening requires your attention, physical labor, you have to constantly check on them. Pests are unpredictable they can harm your plants any day at any time. Soil composition is another big factor as the pH of the soil can hamper your plant’s growth and its ability to bear fruits. Check our article to know where you can find gardening supplies in Washington!

Gardening can be time-consuming but at the end of the day when your flowers bloom and your fruits grow steady, it will warm your heart. There are so many tools and supplies a gardener needs. Sometimes you do not get all of them under the same roof in Washington DC. To help you find all the gardening supplies in Washington we have prepared a list. Read our article to know all about it. 

1. Urban Feed and Garden
Where to buy Gardening Supplies in Washington

Are you a gardener? Do you also have pets? What if we told you there is a nursery in Washington that sells plants, gardening supplies, and accessories along with food for your pet? Amazing, isn’t it? Urban Feed and Garden has located in Beacon Ave Seattle Washington. It supplies both plants, plant supplies, and pet food. They are open every day till 5:30 pm. You will find a large collection of plants including annuals, fruit trees, and more. They also supply compost, organic fertilizers, organic pest control, and tools to help you with gardening. If you need any sort of assistance or advice on gardening Urban Feed and Garden has horticulture specialists who are happy always to help you. And as for pet food, they have food for cats, dogs, chicken, etc. 

2. Little Leaf shop
Where to buy Gardening Supplies in Washington

If you are looking for a shop where you can find pottery, plant food, tablets, spray sprinkler, watering can, plant aqua meter, and pruning shears you will find all of them in the Little leaf shop at 1401 S Street NW Washington. They have a diverse collection of plants starting from low light plants, bright light plants, large floor plants, small table floor plants, and many more. If you are looking for small pots, the little leaf shop has a large section of plant pots. 

You can get the best organic fertilizers, organic pest control, topsoil, and sand here. You will also find apothecary here; they have a colorful section of plant-based apothecary collection too. If your plant has a disease or you are suffering from plant complications, they are open for consultations. You can mail them at or visit them personally. 

3. Swanson’s Nursery

Swanson’s Nursery is one of the most popular and Seattle’s favorite nursery that grows a wide range of flowers, fruits, and vegetable plants. They also have season and annual plants. If you have a landscape vision and you are looking for help Swanson’s Nursery is always there to help you make your outdoor garden visions a reality. Swanson Nursery offers services to decorate indoor spaces with plants of your choice. They also contain compost, soil fertilizers, and other necessary supplies required for your garden plants. If you are looking for plant pots, harnesses to hang plants, and other fruit cages you will find them here. They do not contain hard goods but contain bird feed to help you feed birds in your garden. 

Swanson Nursery also sells a good selection of beneficial ergonomic tools and supplies designed to help you with gardening maximize productivity. If you are looking for colorful garden hoses to water your flowers or organic plant conditioners you will find them all here.

4. John’s Florist and Garden centers
Where to buy Gardening Supplies in Washington

Johnson’s Florist and Garden Centers is one of the oldest nurseries in Washington D.C since 1933. They supply a large selection and variety of indoor and outdoor plants. They also have one of the biggest collections of fresh-cut flowers in Washington. Not only flowers, but they also sell fruits, vegetables, bulbs, perennials, annuals, and many more. John’s Florist and Garden centers also sell mulch, bark, compost, stones. etc. if you are looking for hard goods you will find them here in bulk amounts.

They will also help you calculate how many bags of hard goods and fertilizers you need for your yard. They also have a huge section full of seeds for flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You can order your gardening supplies online or visit them. John’s Florist and Garden center can be your go-to place for all your gardening accessories and supplies. You can even find gloves and shovels here. What are you waiting for? Check out this place soon!

5. Merrifield Garden Center

Merrifield Garden Center is situated in Merrifield just as its name suggests. It is not only a nursery garden but also a plant clinic. The plant clinic is an amazing service that is not found in other nurseries. Merrifield’s staff are always available to help customers with their gardening challenges and difficulties. Merrifield Garden Center supplies one of the highest-quality plants in the state, all sorts of handy gardening tools, supplies, and home decorating plant items.

You will be amazed to see the wide variety of tools here. You will also find a section of Merrifield’s private label products in the center. It contains bluegrass, lawn fertilizers, plant food for different age groups of trees, pot mixes, etc. They also help with landscape designing and supply landscape goods.   

Bottom Line

Apart from these nurseries, you can also visit Gingko Gardens, Grey goose farm, True Value on 17th, and the Pampered Garden to buy gardening plant supplies in Washington. Yes, gardening is not an easy task! However, it puts our minds at ease as gardening is a great hobby. Once you start gardening you will not be able to head back. Get the best gardening tools and supplies for your garden. Happy gardening!
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