If you go around and ask every centenarian what their hobby is, you will find gardening is a hobby common among most of them. Gardening is not only a hobby, it is a dedicated job that requires both physical and emotional investment. Every gardener needs certain tools and supplies to help him with his work. Even several tools are required by even the most amateur gardener. If you are living in Utah and you are looking for one go-to place where you can find all gardening accessories in one place check out our article. We have listed down some of the best places where you can go buy gardening supplies in Utah.

1. The MilkCreek Gardens

To reach the Milkcreek Garden you to head 3500 South 900 East, to Salt Lake City, Utah. The Milkcreeek Gardens have been serving as one of the best gardening resource suppliers in Utah. They have some of the best fruit and flower plants, supplies, and accessories in the region. If you are looking for fresh roses, the best quality trees, and year-round plants you should visit the Milkcreek Gardens. 

They also have a diverse range of 100% organic fertilizers for your plants, nutrient-rich soil conditioners to treat your worn-out soil, and a wide range of pest control. Apart from plant collection and compost Milkcreek Garden supplies world-class garden products. They supply all basic hand tools and plants of all shapes and sizes. You will find all your necessary accessories here. 

2. J & J Nursery Garden Center

Where to Buy Gardening supplies in Utah

Many of you must have heard about J & J Nursery and Garden center! It is Utah’s biggest nursery with 100 acres of land. They have a diverse collection of plants starting from flower plants, to vegetable and fruit trees, annuals, perennials, shrubs, and many more. They also provide compost, fertilizers, and organic pest control. If you want to take the time to check out all the wonderful plants that are grown over large acres of land this will be the best place for you. They have fast and efficient customer service. They have all accessories that are required for gardening. If you are looking for gardening advice and soil pH adjustment J & J Nursery has horticulture experts who will help you with proper advice for your gardening complications. 

3. Landscape Supply of Utah

Where to Buy Gardening supplies in Utah

If you are looking for topsoil, stones, compost, bark mulch, sand, and base you need to pay a visit to the Landscape Supply of Utah. It is located at 611 West Drapper, Utah. We all love growing plants, but some of us love decorating our garden with boulders and stones too. You will not find such a diverse collection of boulders, sand, base, stones, and such others anywhere else in Utah. Landscape Supply of Utah has it all. 

If you are also looking for tools to help you decorate these stones to lift or store them, the center will supply you with the necessary types of equipment you need. Besides, they have a large collection of gardening supplies to cut, clean, and plant trees in your garden. Hurry up and pay a visit to the Landscape Supply of Utah and decorate your garden or backyard with the best boulders. 

4. Glover Nursery

Glover Nursery is one of the oldest Nurseries in Utah. If you are looking for a place where you can get a package of everything this would be a great go-to place for all your gardening supplies. If you want to buy plants, get good fertilizers for your existing plants, buy hard goods, and other pest control chemicals you will get them all here in Glover Nursery. 

They have a large plant collection starting from flower plants, to fruits and vegetable trees, conifers, shrubs, pond plants, and ground cover plants. They have a huge section of hard goods. You will get bark, compost, flagstone, gravel, weed barrier, sand, and other good in bulk amounts. If you are seeking landscape advice, or other horticulture tips Glover Nursery has experts to help you and guide you in being a horticulture specialist yourself. 

5. Moonlight Garden Supply

If you are looking for supplies for your hydroponics or aquaponic systems you will find them here at Moonlight Garden Supplies. Moonlight Garden Supply is another nursery located in Salt Lake City in Utah. They have one of the most diverse categories of horticulture supplies. Starting from inserts, domes, plugs, heat pads, etc. for cloning seed hydroponic system, to water aeration and irrigation treatment, to nutrient and disease control, and harvest tool they have it all. You will be amazed to see their diverse collection of gardening tools. They even have tents, ducts, air filters, and fluorescent lights to light up and ventilate plants. This would be one of the best go-to places to get all your gardening supplies. 

6. The Garden Store

Where to Buy Gardening supplies in Utah

If you are looking for pots, garden furniture, as well as garden tools and supplies you can visit The Garden Store. The Garden Store is not your traditional nursery but focuses on helping people design garden interiors. If you are living near Salt Lake City you can pay this place a quick visit.

7. Noles Nursery

They contain supplies for planting trees, designing landscapes, and also assists with improving soil conditions. If you are looking for compost, topsoil, sand to gloves, shovels, and such others you will find it all in Noles Nursery. They also offer planting services and offer delivery services. Noles Nursery is located at 1915 East 6400south Murray in Utah. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you should know all the places where you can buy gardening supplies in Utah. All of these places are resourceful and as a gardener, you will love their plant collections and gardening tools. Have a great time gardening!          
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