They say gardening requires all your blood, sweat, and tears. Undoubtedly many of us would agree to that, coz from plowing the soil to sowing seeds and to taking care of your plants like your own child is a tough task indeed. If you are into gardening you probably need way more supplies than you expect. Supplies to prepare your soil, protect your plants, water your plants, to covering your plants and the list does not end. We spend a lot of our time trying to find the right gardening supplies. Checking the best places to buy gardening supplies online is not much of a help either. For all you New Hamsphirites we have prepared a list of where you can find the best gardening supplies in New Hampshire.

1. Mill Gardens Farm Stand
Where to find the best Gardening Supplies in New Hampshire

The Mill Gardens Farm Stand is a family-owned garden center containing all the best garden supplies and high-quality plants. Their farm is situated in Orford, New Hampshire. Apart from selling plant supplies, they also produce customer service for both experienced and newbie gardeners. From plants to bulk materials and hard goods they have it all. They supply a bulk amount of pine bark for flower bed dressing and topsoil. They also supply compost for perennial and vegetable plants. 

You can visit them at their farm or call them to ship your supplies to your doorstep. Mill Garden Farm Stand offers one of the best organic pest controls too, along with other accessories you might need including gardening gloves, decorative pots, pruner, etc. If you are looking for Felco and other gardening tools they offer a wide range of sizes and types. 

They also offer organic fertilizers that help to combat plant diseases and deter insects. Mill Gardens Farm Stand contains all that you need for gardening. They are also offering 20 to 25% off from selective pots. This offer is valid from 1st March 2021 to 30th April 2021. 

2. Wentworth Greenhouse Gardening supplies

Wentworth Greenhouses are located at 141 Rollins Rd, Rollinsford, New Hampshire. They contain all that you need for gardening. They sell squash vegetables, contain 6+ acres of land with seasonal plants, perennials, annuals, and fruit, vegetable, and water plants. They also contain a large selection of beautiful pottery for plants. You will also find statues, fountains, arbors, gazing globes, sundials, and other things that you want for your garden. 

They also have the option of a custom order, you can order any customized garden accessory and they will make one for you. Besides garden plants, fertilizers, and compost they also contain gardening tools that are essential for planting crops. One of the best things about Wentworth greenhouses is that they have a birding department. It includes bird feeders, birdseed, suet, birdbaths, and many more. You can check out Wentworth greenhouses for all your gardening accessories. 

3. Nashua Farmer’s Exchange

If you are looking for gardening tools you should visit Nashua Farmer’s exchange. They contain all high-quality, hard-to-find, and functional garden tools. They contain a large niche of shovels, rakes, different types of hoes, cultivators, handheld garden tools, pruners, and folding saws. If you are having trouble with unwanted critters Nashua Farmer’s exchange contains all that you need, including chicken wire, metal fence posts, and so on. In case you cannot find what you are looking for, you can order the tools you need and Nashua farmer’s exchange will get it for you. 

If you are a vegetable gardener you will find all sizes of tomato cages, super duty bags, plant props, and several types of netting to protect your fruiting plants. They also contain weed control, fertilizers, and other organic substances that are helpful for your crop.

4. Stone Falls Gardens

Located at 184 Stone Falls road, Henniker in New Hampshire contains all your necessary gardening supplies. They have over 50,000 plants in stock, from 1000 mature shrubs to ornamental weeping, shade producing, and fruit-bearing plants. They make their compost that is available both for pickup and delivery. Stone Falls garden delivery within a 30-mile radius around Henniker. You can call them at 603.428.6161 and ask them for prices and get your plants delivered to your doorstep.

Besides, Stone Falls Gardens have 4 greenhouses that are full of annuals, vegetable plants, herbs, and hanging baskets. They also have a lovely pottery house where you can find a diverse variety of plant pots starting from terra-cotta to beautiful glazed ones. Stone Falls Gardens also help gardeners with their gardening troubles. They help people with consultations on how to prepare garden beds, maintain perfect soil pH, how to trim their plants, etc. You will get all your garden supplies, tools, healthy gardening advice, vegetable cages, and other plant props.

5. Demer’s Garden Center
Where to find the best Gardening Supplies in New Hampshire

Demer’s Garden center is located at 656 South Mammoth Road – NH Rte 28A Manchester, New Hampshire. They offer coast of Maine soil, mulch plants, compost, and many more. You will find bags of Quoddy Lobster Compost that you can dress on your garden bed and a layer to your organic compost. Demer’s Garden center is popular for its seafood compost that is blended with hummus, chitin-rich lobster, compost, and others. This is one of their best sellers.

If you are looking for annual plants, you will find all kinds of annuals and perennials there. After plants and composts, Demer’s garden center has other necessary tools that you need for gardening. Starting from bark, paver, stones, topsoil, fertilizers, and many more.  

Bottom Line

Apart from these, you can also visit DelaHunty Nursery in Windham, Appletree nursery in Winnisquam, and Green life garden supply in Manchester for gardening supplies in New Hampshire. They all have a large stock of garden supplies to help you with your gardening. Some of them are also offering special discounts for selected supplies. Have a fun and productive time gardening!

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