Gardening is both an exciting and relaxing way to communicate with nature. Apart from keeping you physically worked out and mentally rejuvenated gardening also has other health benefits. Age is not a factor when it comes to gardening. Rather it takes a lot of love, hard work, and patience to grow fruits and vegetables. The first sight of the green little buddy showing himself amidst the leaves is a heartwarming one. Check our articles to know where you can buy gardening supplies in Minnesota.

However, to have all these little pleasures a gardener must work hard in taking care of their plants. If you are into hardening you would know of all the tools and supplies need for gardening. If you are new in Minnesota or do not have previous gardening experience and are looking for gardening supplies, check our article! We have listed down all the places where to buy gardening supplies in Minnesota.

1. Wagner’s Greenhouses and Garden Supply

Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Minnesota

Wegner’s Greenhouses and garden supplies are regionally famous for their wholesale plants and gardening supplies. They are located in Minneapolis. Along with gardening supplies, they also contain seasonal merchandise and décor. They have a huge collection of plants growing in their greenhouses. Their young plants exhibit traits that are valued by the growers.

Apart from the diverse number of different plants, you will find all your gardening supplies here. Starting from Mulch, pots, soil, compost, straw bales, and other gardening tools that you need for gardening. They also offer gardening advice to their customers. You can consult them for any complication you are facing with your plants and they will help you.

2. Fra Dor Landscape Supplies

Finding hard goods for our garden is a tough job. You cannot find them at most nurseries. Fra Dor contains high-quality landscape supplies and hard goods require for gardening. Fra Dor is located in Minneapolis and supplies its products to both commercial companies and owners. You will find a large collection of hard goods topsoil, mulch, stones, sand, both disposed of, and recycled stones, and many more here. They can also crush the hard goods into what size you prefer and can get them delivered to your location

3. Bachman’s Gardening and Landscaping services

Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Minnesota

If you are from Minnesota, you must have heard of Bachman’s Gardening and landscaping services. They are not only a nursery they have a wide range of other services as well. Starting from plants to watering supplies in your garden, to lawn and plant care supplies they have it all. If you are looking for the best organic fertilizers, pest control, trellis, or topiary support you will find it all in here. They sell all kinds of seeds and bulbs, and if you are looking for plant pots they have three different types of pots and pottery. 

If you are looking for plants to decorate your indoor or outdoor function, they can take care of the décor for you. They provide gifts, home cards, and other accessories. You will find it all here in Bachman’s Gardening and Landscaping services. This can be your go-to place for all your gardening necessities and supplies.

4. Tonkadale Greenhouse

Tonkadale Greenhouse offers a wide range of extensive collections of annuals, perennials, vines, and other plants. They also have succulents and seasonal plants growing in their greenhouse. You can have a relaxing and refreshing time every time you visit their greenhouse. They allow walk-in shopping from 9 am to 6 pm and allows pickups from 10 am to 5 pm every day. If you are looking for seeds, pots, containers, and other décor materials you will get them all in here. 

Tonkadale Greenhouse is situated at 3739 Tonka wood road, Minnetonka in Minnesota. You will also get compost, organic fertilizers, pest control, and other gardening supplies here. However, due to the pandemic, they have policies keeping social distancing in mind. Hence you cannot bring a large group here. You can shop around and see the growing plants in groups of 4 or less. If you are looking for a green peaceful place to buy your gardening plants and accessories from Tonkadale Greenhouse is the perfect place. 

5. Rock Gardens

Rock Gardens has all the necessary tools and material for your garden or if you want to design a small garden. If you are looking for both artificial and natural rocks, garden soil, mulches, tree, paving stones, different types of shrubs, vines, and flagstones you will get them all here. They have a wide collection of garden ornaments, supplies, and even aquatic pond fishes. Rock gardens are located at 6074 Hodgson road in Lino Lakes Minnesota. Apart from gardening tools and supplies, Rock garden also offers genuine redwood, colorful rocks, and sheds for multiple usages.

6. Klier’s Nursery and Garden center

Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Minnesota

Klier’s Nursery and Garden Center has one of the best heavy-duty garden products. If you are not a landscaper but a gardener this would be the perfect place for you to get all your gardening accessories from. Klier’s Nursery and Garden Center is located in Minneapolis Minnesota. Not only flowers, compost, organic pest control, but you will also find electrical machines here. If you are looking for lawn-mowers, blowers, fluorescent lights, and other electrical tools that you do not easily find in other nurseries you will find them here. You can also ask them to repair your electrical tools for you.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article you will have an idea about all the places to look for gardening supplies in Minnesota. All these recommended places have a wide range of gardening supplies, accessories, and planting tools. Among these 6 places, Fra Dor’s Landscape supplies are the place where you can find only hard goods in bulk amount. The rest are all nurseries and or greenhouses with all horticulture pieces of equipment. Best of luck have fun gardening!  

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