Florida is one of the states where you can have a garden and grow the most beautiful plants and flowers all year. Buying plants in Florida is very easy. Anywhere you go in Florida, you can see plants for sale – Not only at garden centers and nurseries but also at discount shops, big box stores, supermarkets, and flea markets. If you are a plant lover and looking out for the best spots to buy gardening supplies in Florida, then keep reading this article!

However, buying a plant requires more than just handing over your cash and walking away with a new plant. It would be better to buy your gardening supplies from such a shop where people really know their stuff.

If you are wondering where to buy gardening supplies in Florida, then you are on the perfect site. This article will help you find out the best shops in Florida where you can buy your favorite plants and other gardening supplies so that you can decorate your backyard or the indoor of your city apartment.


Midtown Garden Center

 Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Florida

2600 NE 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 576-9199


Midtown Garden Center is a secret gem in South Florida. There are four vendors on-site with a large selection of plants and flowers to choose from. The magical greenhouse to the left of the garden center is the first thing that will catch your attention. The staff is not only warm and welcoming to their guests, but they are also polite and caring to their beautiful collection of greenery.

Zoom Bloomz is their on-site flower shop near the entrance to the garden center that specializes in all kinds of flower arrangements for any occasion. Midtown Garden Center has a diverse selection of plants that you will enjoy.

A permanent food truck is parked in their backyard. This serves delectable dishes. Tacomiendo is a great fast food alternative that serves authentic street tacos and bites. If you’re looking for a delicious meal, this is the perfect place for you to go. They also have a juice bar named Devia Juice Bar.


Florida Nursery Mart

 Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Florida

10900 Griffin Road

Cooper City, FL

(954) 689-0791


Florida Nursery Mart was established in 1978. It is a family-owned and regulated Garden Center with over 75 years of plants and landscaping experience. The Florida Nursery Mart family has been in the Fort Lauderdale area growing plants since the 1970s.

Florida Nursery Mart has a large selection of plants. Grass, shrubs, shade trees, and vines can all be purchased. Fruit-bearing plants and trees are abundant, so you can ensure that your yard looks not only pleasing but also produces pickable fruit at certain times of the year. Anything from dragon fruit cactus to banana trees is available.


Living Color Garden Center

 Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Florida

3691 Griffin Road

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

(954) 985-8787


Since 1990, Living Color Garden Center has served the South Florida community by providing 5 acres of plants, outdoor seating, garden equipment, and accessories. It helps you beautify your home and garden. 80% of their plants are homegrown at their sister company, Black Olive East Nursery.

You can find some exciting ideas for transforming your home and garden into a tropical paradise, regardless of your level of experience with parks and landscapes. They even sell sculptures and fountains, and nothing beats the soothing sound and calming ambiance of running water in your yard. They specialize in Asian, Topiary, Bahamian, Marine, Fragrant, and Native themes, among others.


Isaac Farms

 Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Florida

18800 Southwest 177th Avenue

Miami, Florida 33187



Isaac Farms is a family-owned garden center in Miami, Florida, specializing in high-quality orchids, cacti, hoyas, air plants, and bromeliads. About 100,000 different cacti and succulents can be found at Isaac Farms. This lush garden of vibrantly colored cacti will captivate you.

Isaac Farms has a large variety of ceramic pots to ensure that your lovely plant thrives. While you’re out looking for new plant mates, relax in the koi fish pond and waterfall area, which will feature handcrafted benches made from natural wood and wind chimes to set the mood.

Isaac Farms also has a lovely collection of orchids of various species. The stunning Isaac Farms offers over a million different plants to choose from.


Oasis Garden Center and Hydroponics

 Where to Buy Gardening Supplies in Florida

8200 W 33rd Ave. Bay

Hialeah, FL 33018

(305) 819-3675


Oasis Garden Center and Hydroponics, which opened in 2004, sells gardening supplies as well as hydroponic equipment. Organic seeds, decorative planters, hydroponics devices, lighting systems, and plant care are among the goods and services they sell. Oasis Garden Center and Hydroponics have helped hobby and commercial cultivators achieve success by offering efficient ways to handle investments and track products.

Customers can also browse and order goods through the company’s e-commerce website. Clients may have their orders picked up or shipped for free at one of five conveniently located distribution and retail outlets in Florida and one in Colorado.

Oasis Garden is a little different from your typical garden center. They specialize in hydroponics, which is a way of growing plants in water without soil using mineral nutrient solutions. Hydroponics machinery, lighting, nutrients, media, and other cultivation supplies are all available from Oasis. They have everything you’ll need to start an organic garden.


Final Words

Plants have a reputation for making our lives more enjoyable and our minds healthier. Plants have such a strong positive relationship with us. According to research, their absence in our lives can trigger physical and mental stress. As a result, when you think you like plants because they add a certain aesthetic to your environment, you’re actually attracted to their therapeutic properties.

We hope this article will help you with where to buy gardening supplies in Florida. Whether you love their therapeutic properties or you just love their beauty, you are a plant lover. So if you wish to buy the best gardening supplies, you must find out the best shops near you that will provide you the best things you want for your garden!

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